Are visual comfort and circa lighting the same company?

Visual Comfort, TechLighting, Generation Lighting, and Monte Carlo Fans are primarily distributedby Circa Lighting. We can illuminate your entire room regardless of category,style, or cost thanks to our broad selection of decorative and architecturallighting. According to Circa Lighting, these brands as well as Monte Carlofans, Tech Lighting, Visual Comfort, and Generation Lighting are distributed bythem. Visual Comfort& Co. also owns the brands' Generation Lighting, TechLighting, and Monte Carlo.


Concerning CircaLighting


Circa Lighting, whichwas established in 1998, is the main distributor for Visual Comfort& Co. Weare still dedicated to having a beautiful design and, most importantly, toproviding excellent customer service. Try Fine Art Lamps if you're interestedin exquisite craftsmanship in lighting fixtures and don't mind spending a lotof money (which is unquestionably a VC requirement). On the Circa Lightingwebsite, there is even a section devoted to advise on lighting selection,ordering, and installation.




Circa offers astreamlined decorative lighting choosing procedure unlike any you have everencountered, in addition to its history and collection. According to the Singers,centering the business around the Visual Comfort brand will help designersclose more sales with their clients and raise brand recognition amongconsumers. Decorative lighting now has a "whole space" solutionthanks to the partnership with Generation Brands, which produces a high-qualitylighting product suite that spans the entire price range and design aesthetics.We collaborate with the most prestigious brands in design and are pleased toprovide the industry's broadest selection of unmatched lighting alternatives atthe best possible prices.




The company GenerationBrands The acquisition presents an opportunity to collaborate with founder andpresident Andy Singer, who over the past 30 years has transformed VisualComfort into a top decorative lighting brand. Generation Brands is one of thetop lighting companies in the United States, serving the retail and wholesalelighting industries. The link between Circa and Visual Comfort has long been asource of misunderstanding in a sector that is already highly fragmented, eventhough both businesses have grown in prominence in the design industry. Inactuality, it was a somewhat tense meeting with the proprietor of a lightingbusiness that rekindled the flame for changing the brand. You can find a broadvariety of styles and pricing in Clarkson Lighting's collection, and theirknowledgeable consultants are on hand to assist you with all of your lightingrequirements.




Circa Lighting'sselection and designer partnerships were other factors in my decision to employthem. In addition to having a remarkable selection of ceiling fans and lightingfixtures for both homes and businesses, Generation Brands also offers greatcustomer service, cutting-edge style, and products of the highest caliber. TheSingers contend that since the entire business is now centered on the VisualComfort brand, the addition of a new site in their region will provide theirretail customers even more secondary sparkle.



In 1998, Gale Singerfounded Circa Lighting in Savannah, Georgia.




Gale was employed byVisual Comfort & Co., the industry-leading producer of decorative lightingthat was started by her brother, Andy Singer before she relocated to Savannah.Gale had the vision to change the way lighting was sold after realizing howdifficult the lighting choosing process might be.




Gale had the conceptin Savannah for a tastefully decorated lighting showroom where customers maybrowse in a boutique-like setting. In Savannah's historic neighborhood, shediscovered 375 square feet (talk about beautifully edited), and the firstshowroom was established. She also wanted interior designers, architects, andbuilders to receive well-curated products both locally and online with asimilar experience.




Visual Comfort, TechLighting, Generation Lighting, and Monte Carlo Fans are all sold at the highestlevel by Circa Lighting. We can light your entire room regardless of category,style, or cost thanks to our wide selection of decorative and architecturallighting. Our dedication to the stunning design and, more importantly, afantastic user experience, has not changed.





How to AssessVisual Comfort in Construction


Visual comfort shouldbe taken into account heavily when constructing buildings that support occupantwellness, just like thermal comfort, acoustic comfort, and air quality. Exactlywhat is visual comfort? A suitable amount of natural light (and, secondarily,artificial light), effective glare reduction, and availability of views of theoutdoors are the hallmarks of visual comfort.




When a building isoccupied, what happens to the visual comfort of its occupants? While there aretools and software programs to assess some aspects of visual comfort during thedesign phase, what happens beyond that? What tools are available to assesswhether we've surpassed occupant expectations and design requirements?




We contacted theSaint-Gobain Research Centre Compiègne's natural light metrology specialists toenlighten us on this matter.






Best instrumentsfor evaluating the amount of illumination in a location


A lux meter is a toolused to measure light intensity, which is expressed in lux. There are numerousvarieties, each with a unique sensitivity to angle, spectrum, intensity, andlevels of precision. For instance, ultra-fine precision enables measurements inextremely low lighting situations, whereas less precision is sufficient forambiance measures. In terms of size, wired lux meters and ultra-compact luxmeters with a sensor and display integrated into a tiny box are both available(Fig. b).




To determine aprocess's or a product's qualities, wired lux meters are frequently utilized inresearch. When measuring on the spot, such as checking the lighting levels in astructure after it has been finished, ultra-compact lux meters are ideal. Theequipment must be outfitted with a data gathering and storage system forcontinuous measurement (for instance, over a day or a week).




At Saint-Gobain, we'vecreated our very own "MC Lux box" gadgets (Fig. c) based on tinyTexas Instrument sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi that captures the data.Being cordless and stealthy are advantages of these lux meters. Because ofthis, it is simple to position a few throughout a space to determine lightingdistribution and gauge light autonomy. In the end, the selection of a measuringinstrument depends on its intended use.

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