Does circa lighting own visual comfort?

Create a lightingshowroom for a merchant while Circa Lighting is phased out. Andy and GaleSinger, a brother and sister collaboration, will merge their brands undervisual comfort percent 26 Co. Circa Lighting shops will change to VisualComfort percent 26 Co. over the coming months. Gale Singer established CircaLighting in Savannah, Georgia, in 1998.


Visual Comfort percent26 Co., established in 1987, is the go-to company for architectural lighting,ceiling fans, and lighting with a distinctive style. We are delighted to offerthe largest selection of unmatched lighting alternatives in the market at thebest prices thanks to our partnerships with the most prestigious names indesign. The Singers contend that with the launch of a new site in their region,their retail shoppers will receive even more secondary shine since the entirefirm is now concentrated on the Visual Comfort brand.


According to theSingers, centering the business on the Visual Comfort brand will enhance brandrecognition among consumers and make it simpler for designers to clinch saleswith their clients. If you've ever dealt with Circa Lighting or purchasedsomething from them, you are aware of how wonderful it is to do business withthem. The Circa Lighting website even has a section devoted to advice onchoosing, ordering, and installing your lighting. Although some difficultconversations may need to be had to double your retail space and triple yourearnings, Singers claims that ultimately the rising tide of the Visual Comfortbrand will raise all ships.



The woman who works inmy lighting store leaves messages, but she frequently receives no response fordays. Circa Lighting is a mainstay in the design industry since it providesdesigners all across the country with some of the most stunning, high-qualitylights. I was impressed with the quality of the accessories in person and had apositive shopping experience at the Circa Lighting store in my city (I believeCirca Lighting percent 3D Visual Comfort). The selection of Clarkson Lightingspans a wide range of pricing points and styles, and their knowledgeableconsultants are on hand to assist you with all of your lighting requirements.



One of the topproducers of lighting for both stores and the design sector was Andy's VisualComfort. It must have been a different batch of dye since one of the hues was avery light cream color and the other was a bright yellow. Circa offers astreamlined procedure for choosing decorative lighting that is unlike anythingyou have ever encountered, in addition to its history and collection. Check outSchoolhouse Electric in Portland, Oregon, for a sizable lighting business withwhich I have had nothing but positive experiences.



The best retailer ofVisual Comfort, Tech Lighting, Generation Lighting, and Monte Carlo Fans isCirca Lighting. No matter the category, style, or budget, we can light yourentire space with our extensive selection of decorative and architecturallighting.


Visual Comfort &Co., Tech Lighting, and Generation Lighting make form the Visual Comfort Group.



The Visual ComfortGroup has been revealed as the company's new corporate name, along with itslighting partners at Generations Brands. The Visual Comfort Group will enterthe market with a streamlined and narrowly focused portfolio of brands,including Visual Comfort & Co., Tech Lighting, and Generation Lighting,according to the press release.


Announcing thepurchase of Visual Comfort and a business partnership with Generation Brands,AEA The Middle Market Private Equity group at AEA Investors revealed today thatits fund has purchased Visual Comfort & Co.


Your review can assistother women in finding excellent businesses. With 51 to 200 people, CircaLighting is a retail business with its headquarters in the Atlanta, Georgia,region. Based on 93 reviews from an unspecified number of employees, CircaLighting has a 3.5-star InHerSight Score.


Gale and Andy Singer,two powerful siblings in the lighting sector, enlisted a marketing expert toexamine their two companies several years ago. Andy's Visual Comfort hadestablished itself as a leading supplier of lighting to both stores and thedesign community. Gale had, in the meantime, established a modest but effectivenetwork of four Circa Lighting showrooms that were experts in marketing, youguessed it, Visual Comfort.


The consultant'ssuggestion was straightforward: Combine the two companies under one name. TheSingers carefully reviewed his list of advantages and disadvantages beforerejecting it. Andy says to Business of Home, "It was an interestingconcept. However, we decided against doing it at the moment.


Many things havechanged since then. The Singers combined their two companies under onecorporate banner in 2014 thanks to a private equity arrangement. Tech Lighting,Generation Lighting, and Monte Carlo are now part of the same corporationaccording to a 2017 agreement that combined them with the Generation family oflighting brands. Circa has grown to include 36 showrooms in the interim. EvenVisual Comfort has expanded.


The Singers havechanged their minds and now wish to come together after more than ten years andconsider the same issue in a different context. The Circa Lighting brand willgradually disappear over the following year, and all of its showrooms will berenamed "Visual Comfort." The two businesses will also consolidatetheir online presence in January 2023 to form, which willoffer both direct and wholesale e-commerce.


This choice has beencarefully considered, and in light of the current state of the world and thechance to share a lesson that everyone can benefit from, Andy claims that it isa wise one. When we focus all of our energy and financial resources on onebrand, there are many advantages for the organization.


It's just odd that theSingers didn't choose this path earlier. Although both businesses have becomewell-known in the design sector, there has always been some uncertainty aboutthe relationship between Circa and Visual Comfort in a market that is alreadydisorganized. I've heard confusion about Circa being a manufacturer, retailer,or both in more than one chat with a designer—even among the two businesses'loyal customers—as well as whether Visual Comfort is only available to thetrade (it is not).

It's unclear what Galeis purchasing—"Am I purchasing Visual Comfort or Circa?" she asks."Everything we've sold at Circa has come in a Visual Comfort package forthe past 26 years." Simply "clearing things up" is a majorjustification for this action, according to Andy.

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