Is tech lighting part of visual comfort?

Additionally, the company's lighting partners at GenerationsBrands declared the Visual Comfort Group as its new corporate name. Thefollowing brands will be included in Visual Comfort Group's new, condensedlineup: 26 Co. Visual Comfort Percentage the Visual Comfort Group will launch astreamlined and narrowly focused brand portfolio that will comprise VisualComfort& Co. 26 Co. Visual Comfort Percentage

The best items from the LBL Lighting collection will beadded to Tech Lighting's product lineup, which will also launch in the brand'svastly expanded showroom at the Dallas Market Center. Given recent developmentsin LED technology, Wearstler eagerly accepted the task of expanding VisualComfort's product line by adding a brand-new line that she calls Tech Lighting,which will initially consist of five collections. Wearstler and the VisualComfort team continued to experiment with the use of various metallic finishes,alabaster, and stone for the introduction of this collection and selected a newglass factory in Italy to work with. Tech Lighting has dominated the market forlow-voltage lighting systems and modern ornamental fixtures for 25 years.

The greatest LBL Lighting products will be added to TechLighting's product lineup, and LBL items will be shown inside the Tech Lightingshowroom. Although some difficult conversations may need to be had in order todouble your retail space and triple your earnings, Singers claims thatultimately the rising tide of the Visual Comfort brand will raise all ships.Singer invites all of this month's Lightovation attendees to visit the updatedVisual Comfort Group showrooms, where the company will introduce more than 350new designs. Singer says he is "very excited to continue bringing theleading design to an even wider audience through the newly established VisualComfort Group." There is likely to be a light source in this line thatbest matches your needs, whether you are looking for wall lights like thetubular ones from the Phobos collection or a table lamp like the lantern-shapedglass lamp from the Kulma collection.

Gale had the vision to change the way lighting was soldafter realizing how difficult it may be to choose the right lighting. Wearstleropted for slim profiles that may be presented in pairs or alone, focusing onboth the ambient light of each device and its silhouette. The Singers contendthat with the launch of a new site in their region, their retail shoppers willreceive even more secondary shine since the entire firm is now concentrated onthe Visual Comfort brand. It's also true that making Visual Comfort a morewell-known brand among homeowners may make it appear less like a"trade-in" item to interior designers.

Andy Singer, the CEO of the business, said that the newlyformed entity presents enormous opportunities for the business, its clients,and all end users. He also said that he was "extremely excited to continuebringing the leading design to an even larger audience through the newlyestablished Visual Comfort Group." Although both businesses have becomewell-known in the design world, there has always been some ambiguity regardingthe link between Circa and Visual Comfort in a field that is already highlyfragmented. To meet all of your lighting needs, the series includes a variety ofchandeliers, wall lights, pendants, recessed mounts, and floor lamps.


If you are fortunate enough to own one of Kelly Wearstler'sVisual Comfort light fixtures, you won't be surprised to find that lighting isone of her favorite things to design and is constantly on her mind.

Even when admiring a piece of furniture, such as a table,Wearstler adds, "I always think about how I can switch to a lightfixture." Lighting is a crucial component of home life since it gives yoursurroundings dimension and stabilizes your mood.

Given the recent advancements in LED technology, Wearstlerenthusiastically accepted the challenge to broaden her Visual Comfort line byadding a brand-new line that she calls Tech Lighting, which will initiallyfeature five collections. Wearstler opted for sleek silhouettes that can beshown in pairs or easily stand alone, focusing on both the ambient light fromeach fixture and the silhouette of each item.

Wearstler says, "LED lighting has come a long way, andwe worked hard to ensure the light these lights create feels warm and lovely.We were able to experiment with materials and silhouettes because of thefunctioning of the LEDs.

Wearstler and the Visual Comfort team decided to work with anew glass factory in Italy for the launch of this range and kept experimentingwith the use of various metal treatments, alabaster, and stone. Wearstlersought to reinvent a well-known lighting shape for each collection in a clean,contemporary manner: The Esfera collection offers a modern twist on the exposedbulb, the lights in the Phobos collection are reminiscent of thin candles, andthe Kulma collection, which can be used both indoors and outside, captures theessence of a lantern.

The final two collections, Ebell and Cerne, emphasizegeometry through the use of etched glass floating in circular patterns and adomed glass prism that is softened to lessen the intensity of the metal it ispartnered with. Wearstler advises employing multiples to supplement the simpleforms, whether you select a table lamp, a pendant, or a flush-mounted fixture.For instance, she imagines the Esfera cylindrical flush mounts over a diningtable and the Kulma sconces lining a hallway.

Wearstler summarizes, "This collection is basically allabout architecture. It unmistakably has a more modernist, minimalist feel.

Circa Lighting will start selling the new Tech Lightingcollection in March.

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