Is visual comfort a manufacturer?

The primary source for specially designed lighting has beenvisual comfort since 1987. Visual Comfort has created lighting for more than 30years with some of the most well-known designers, employing natural materials ofthe highest caliber and hand-applied, distinctive colorful finishes. TheSingers counter that both businesses have always preferred, but never beenexclusive to, commerce, dismissing any argument that Visual Comfort will losethe brand's luster with this shift. The Singers contend that since the entirebusiness is now centered on the Visual Comfort brand, the addition of a newsite in their region will provide their retail customers with even moresecondary sparkle.

Circa Lighting would have direct interaction with clients,whilst Visual Comfort would be the creator in the background of the world ofvocalists. According to the Singers, centering the business around the VisualComfort brand will help designers close more sales with their clients and raisebrand recognition among consumers. However, it's also true that making VisualComfort a more recognizable brand for the typical homeowner helps lessen theperception that it's a "trade-in" item for interior designers. Thelink between Circa and Visual Comfort has long been a source ofmisunderstanding in a sector that is already highly fragmented, even thoughboth businesses have grown in prominence in the design industry.

Singers claim that in the end, the rising tide of the VisualComfort brand will lift all ships. Doubling your store footprint and triplingyour sales may necessitate some difficult conversations. There has been somemisunderstanding regarding Circa's status as a manufacturer, retailer, or bothin more than one interaction with a designer, even among loyal supporters ofthe two brands (it is a retailer), and regarding Visual Comfort's exclusivityto the retailer (it is not). Visual Comfort Group's CEO Andy Singer will bethere when more than 350 new designs are unveiled at the Lightovation show,which will commence in January. The company's new corporate name, the VisualComfort Group, was also revealed by its lighting partners at GenerationsBrands.

Andy's company, Visual Comfort, was now regarded as one ofthe top producers of lighting for both retailers and the design sector. VisualComfort speculated that Gale had established a small but profitable network offour Circa Lighting showrooms that were focused on sales.

There are two factors for designers to take into accountwhen the standards and definitions of visual comfort change:

First of all, they ought to be illuminating buildings withnatural sunshine rather than artificial lighting to achieve the lux levelsmentioned above. This is because natural light is a better source of healththan artificial light and it has been demonstrated that the eye will adjust tolower levels of illumination for natural light rather than artificial light.

Second, and perhaps most significantly, control is essentialwhen creating visually pleasing buildings. The level of comfort that eachindividual may obtain depends on how well they can modify the light to fittheir needs.

It is a tale that is as American as apple pie. A salesmanfor lighting companies starts experimenting with his production designs andconstructs lamps in his garage on the weekends and at night. Before he canafford to purchase a booth at a well-known trade exhibition for his business,he gradually starts selling them to mom-and-pop lighting retailers.

In 30 years, the man's business will be the most well-knownproducer of luxury, designer lighting fixtures worldwide.

The biggest yearly mass movement on earth, Chinese New Year,arrived first. since the family get-together is the most significant feature ofthe vacation, as workers leave cities to see their elderly parents who stillreside in small-town America. (Anyone who has ever had a product manufacturedin China through outsourcing knows the phenomena in which 1.4 billion peopletake vacations at the same time.) Without preparation, International supplychains may be severely impacted by the holiday. To make matters worse, in 2020,the holiday was prolonged from January 25 to February 8 - which saw it endingjust as COVID-19 hit the country.

Ronnie recalls, "We ran into trouble gettingmerchandise out of China for the first three or four weeks."

Moseley, the director of distribution at Visual Comfort.Then, as soon as everything resumed being open, merchandise began to arrive.

How to meet the demand soon became a challenge. Thecompany's online orders have increased by over 27% in recent months, which canbe ascribed to people choosing to renovate their homes because they areessentially confined there. Although there is a strong push to expand physicalstores (the plan calls for Circa Lighting, the brand's signature retailpartner, to open up to 50 new locations), a growing portion of Visual Comfort'scurrent business is conducted online, fulfilling customers' orders to designersand even homeowners.

Thus, more and smaller orders are required. Delivery to endusers rather than retailers is another definition. Which all calls for anefficient distribution center.

They have the perfect solution. After only a few months, thecompany has outgrown its new 237,000-square-foot distribution center. A 117,000square foot extension is now being finished by Visual Comfort. But the sizeisn't the important factor. The method is what distinguishes the business'sdistribution skills.


When it comes to technology, the main emphasis is on howmany "touches" it takes to get a box in the door, then retreat. Startby taking care of the obvious issues, such as staging the things that move thefastest close to the shipping area. The investment in technology starts to takeoff at that point.

Moseley continues, "Everything in our facility iswire-guided. "That implies that when a lift driver enters an aisle, themachine automatically locks itself into that lane. The driver is relieved ofthe need to steer, leaving them to concentrate solely on reaching theirdestination and selecting the appropriate item. Instead of worrying abouthitting the rack, it concentrates their attention on the task at hand.


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